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Comparing Clovis DNA with Modern and Pre-Clovis Sequences

The mystery of humanity’s occupation of the continent is not mere fiction. Evidence continues to challenge past presumptions, including recent DNA sequencing of skeletal remains.

Migratory route of first humans to reach Ameri...
Migratory route of first humans to reach America, through an ice free corridor (Clovis theory). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The “Anzick” skeleton of a small boy dating from Clovis period time (11,500-9,500 BCE) was found in Montana many years ago. Radiocarbon dating of the burial show the burial is dated at 10,600 BCE. Scientists have sequenced the boy’s full genome and have found it closely related to all modern Native Americans. This result may be very contrary to an idea that the Clovis people were from a Solutrean group from Europe. The DNA study shows also that there is a deep divergence between northern Native Americans and those from Central and South America that happened before the Clovis era.

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