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The various eBook formats are wonderful for those that have a device upon which to read. But not everyone has such a device, and more than a few of us still like the feel of a book in our hands. So Hearts in Ruin is now available in a print edition as well.

With the approval of eBook publisher Liquid Silver Books, Hearts in Ruin is available today from CreateSpace for a retail price of $8.99 in a nice 6″ x 9″ trade paperback format with a complete cover, front and back, by Lyn Taylor. Hearts in Ruin will also be available in print through Amazon within the week.


EBOOKS–Here to Stay and Then Some…

HEARTS IN RUIN is published as an eBook by Liquid Silver Books, an experienced eBook publisher. As such, the book is marketed as one of many eBooks that continue to rise in popularity and challenge the 570-year reign of printed tomes.

A quick look at known sales figures for the past couple of years shows an explosion in sales up to about 2011 (a Reuters article reported that electronic books “more than doubled in popularity in 2011″), and a slight slowdown in 2012.

But based on the publishers’ practices, and the clear focus of the Romance Writers of America at the 2012 Annual Conference in California (and what we are all seeing in the office, the lunch room, home, and on outlets like Amazon), it seems clear the pace has picked up again. According to one article (by Tom Corson-Knowles on, reviewing a Pricewaterhouse Coopers report of the Total United States Consumer book market, the 2013 picture should be something like this, in terms of dollars:

eBooks are cheaper than physical books, and particularly in fiction, it’s likely that eBooks have outsold hardcover books (in number of works sold–probably not dollars spent).

The use of eBooks is growing in more than just fiction. School Library Journal’s 4th Annual Survey of eBook Usage in U.S. K-12 Libraries extrapolates an estimated $73 million spent on eBooks in U.S. schools in the 2012-13 school year, and since the prior survey, the percentage of school resource budgets spent on eBooks has nearly doubled, with an expected triple of that budget by 2018.

Yes, there is still something wonderful about a physical book. We clutter my walls with shelves of them (not to mention certain floors, drawers, and other previously open spaces).  And for reference books, it’s nice to have a tabletop full of open books, comparing pages, sections and illustrations. But sometimes, the inability to do something simple, like word-search or change the font, makes the eBook format more attractive.

Projections vary. There is not a foreseeable future in which physical books don’t exist (at least not in a future in which people still exist to read them), but eBooks will continue their invasion into the mainstream for quite awhile. In the short term, the Pricewaterhouse Coopers projection for the 2016 U.S. Book Market seems reasonable.

The trend will probably continue from there for at least a few more years. More interesting are the changes to the industry these figures imply. eBooks are easier and cheaper to produce and market. Self publishing is consequently easier. Markets have developed, and will continue to develop, to take all of these changes into account, and in the end, the book consumer, and hopefully writers as well, should benefit.

Liquid Silver Books

Everyone should fall madly in love at least once … a day

lsblogoHEARTS IN RUIN is published by Liquid Silver Books–an eBook publisher with more than fourteen years experience in publishing digital books.

From Liquid Silver Books:

The greatest of passions can be set alight by a single glance or the right romance novel. Liquid Silver Books has been turning good stories into good books for over 14 years. LSB offers a full line of romance genres in all heat level from classic sweet to edgy intense. Romance readers worldwide have discovered Liquid Silver Books gives the idea of reading under the covers a whole new meaning! Sexy, Sultry, Sensuous . . . Liquid Silver is hot!

The awesome staff at Liquid Silver Books includes:

  • Founder/Owner Raven Moore
  • General Manager Roscoe James
  • Sales & Marketing Manager Michelle Hoppe
  • Editorial Director Terri Schaefer
  • Assistant Production Manager Maria Davis
  • Sales and Marketing Assistant Terri Fanchin
  • Marketing Art Assistant Valerie Tibbs
  • And the Editor for HEARTS IN RUIN is the wonderful Ansley Blackstock.

To see the latest LSB releases, CLICK HERE.

Last November, ARe Cafe spotlighted Liquid Silver Books with the following observations:

Genres: Liquid Silver Books publishes most sub-genres of erotic romance. LSB also offers a selection of sweeter romances, and has launched a line of retro romances called Liquid Gold Classics.

Noted Authors: Eve LanglaisBecca JamesonRosanna LeoBonnie Dee

Liquid Silver Books has racked up quite a few awards over the years. Winners include Mercy of These Bones by Vivien Dean (EPIC Award) and One Night Stand by Parker Kincaide (RomCon Reader’s Crown).

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Cinco de Mayo Release

May 5, 2014: Hearts in Ruin is released by Liquid Silver Books in all major eBook formats! The book can be purchased directly from the publisher at THIS PAGE. It is also available on Amazon.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the book to get you started:


Despite the warm evening wind, Tala drew her knees close and shivered. Under the starlight, below the community’s terraced crops, mastodons filled the valley, their footfalls echoing in the dirt. But above, the Fire Star grew.

Not a good sign.

“I have something for you,” said Bin. He crouched near her on the grassy hill. “Close your eyes.”

She inclined her head. “What is it?”

“Hold out your hands,” he prodded.

She complied. A cold weight pressed down upon her palms. “Can I look now?”


Her breath caught in her throat. His gift was a beautiful bowl, bright and colorful with intricate, flowery designs. Around its interior were three words.

Bin loves Tala.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

She didn’t know how to respond. It was very sweet. But now? The Fire Star loomed. They faced imminent change—a shift that would unbalance everything. Still, this simple display pierced those concerns.

“I want you and no one else,” he said.

“Bin, I…”

He frowned. “You feel that way, too…don’t you?”

Tears welled. She glanced at the Fire Star.

He followed her gaze. “That’s a good sign,” he assured her. “It means we will be happy.”

He extended a hand. She drew a deep, slow breath, accepted his hand, and stood. The bowl slipped from her lap and cracked against a stone.

She gasped.

His eyes widened. His Adam’s apple bobbed. An intense remorse swept through her, momentarily eclipsing her fear of the Fire Star. She had to make this right.

She placed her hand on his chest and held his gaze. “I do love you, Bin.”

He blinked.

She kneeled and lifted the bowl and a fragment that had fallen from it. “This is a good sign. The words are intact.” She then handed the piece to him and arranged his hand. She held the bowl and placed it with the shard in his hand, matching. “This is yours.” She motioned. “And this is mine. It means we belong together.”

She watched his expression shift from despair to joy. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. His eyes sliced to the Fire Star and back. He flashed a cocky smirk. “Everything will be fine,” he crooned. “You’ll see.”

She pressed her face against his chest. No, she thought. It won’t.

Bin lowered his mouth toward her ear. “We have everything we need. Nothing can change all this.”

She squeezed. He was right about how she felt. She would accept him into her heart. She saw no reason to deny that. But he was wrong about everything else.

Things would not be fine.

They would not last.

At least they had each other—even if only for now.

Chapter 1

Three unexpected visitors waited at the summit overlooking the New Mexico high- desert site. Wind whipped at them. Crouched near the center of the dig, Daniel recognized only one—his friend, Sammy Bia, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer.

The others wore suits.

Daniel groaned. He dropped the unusual artifact he’d been examining into a plastic bag, scribbled a precise location with a fading pen, and stuffed the sample into his shirt pocket. He did not need a distraction. Just yesterday he rid himself of the pesky Spring- semester team. The next batch had to be better.

Daniel climbed the makeshift walkway to greet the trio. He didn’t want them tromping all over the excavation.

Naturally, this encounter does not go well. To keep reading, visit Liquid Silver Books.


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