Bolides and Climatic Catastrophe

Why is Andrea skeptical of Luis’s theories?

Luis proposes a complex recalibration of the Carbon Clock based on unproven assertions of past catastrophic events that affected the Earth’s climate and level of radioactivity.

Alexander Tollmann’s bolide, proposed by Kristan-Tollmann and Tollmann in 1994, is a hypothesis presented by Austrian geologist Alexander Tollmann, suggesting that one or several bolides (asteroids or comets) struck the Earth at 7640 BCE (give or take about 200 years), with a much smaller one at 3150 BCE (give or take). If true, this hypothesis explains early Holocene extinctions and possibly legends of the Universal Deluge.

The supposed evidence for the event includes stratigraphic studies of tektites, dendrochronology, and ice cores (from Camp Century, Greenland) containing hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid (indicating an energetic ocean strike) as well as nitric acids (caused by extreme heating of air).

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas in their book, Uriel’s Machine, argue that the 7640 BCE evidence is consistent with the dates of formation of a number of salt flats and lakes still extant in dry areas of North America and Asia. They further argue that these lakes are the result remains of multiple-kilometer-high waves that penetrated deeply into continents as the result of oceanic strikes that they proposed occurred.


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