Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Clarity like beauty, ignites a passion

in my heart.

A new obsession has begun- to start

lighting a fire in my soul,

from whence come the origins

of the spark?

The flames spread

burning all that was…

thankfully rising from the Ash

as a Phoenix flying free…

Is is still me?

Spirit, heart and mind compete

for the overwhelming feat.

Be it fair or be it foul,

we shall see at the appointed hour.

Will beauty win the challenge

to drive my soul,

or shall darkness overtake the light?

Tis always one with the night…

Yet therein lies grace

which fills the blight,

and brings us all face to face,

with the beauty portrayed as gift.

Striving daily to embrace a fight

between the dark and the light.

Tis everyman, tis everything,

we see it as the Yin and Yang.

To let it be is the true key,

and fulfill…

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