Is Modern Civilization too complex for the Human Brain? (VIDEO)

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By Robert A. Vella

Is Modern Civilization too complex for the Human Brain?

Yes, says psychiatrist Peter Whybrow in a C-SPAN discussion of his provocative book titled The Well-Tuned Brain: Neuroscience & the Life Well Lived. Whybrow asserts that human brains are not wired for modern society in which long-term thinking is crucial for survival. His examination of this existential incongruity explores the physiology and biologic evolution of human cognition which progress much slower than does human culture (i.e. technology). He cites that, in his lifetime, population has doubled while economic output has increased eightfold; yet, humankind’s myriad destructive scourges persist. Lifestyles based on excessive consumption have triggered gross inequalities, conflict, and health crises such as obesity.

Whybrow posits that because the advent of modern civilization is so recent (agrarian societies began about 10,000 years ago, but Homo sapiens are 200,000-300,000 years old), our hunter-gatherer brains have lagged behind…

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Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Clarity like beauty, ignites a passion

in my heart.

A new obsession has begun- to start

lighting a fire in my soul,

from whence come the origins

of the spark?

The flames spread

burning all that was…

thankfully rising from the Ash

as a Phoenix flying free…

Is is still me?

Spirit, heart and mind compete

for the overwhelming feat.

Be it fair or be it foul,

we shall see at the appointed hour.

Will beauty win the challenge

to drive my soul,

or shall darkness overtake the light?

Tis always one with the night…

Yet therein lies grace

which fills the blight,

and brings us all face to face,

with the beauty portrayed as gift.

Striving daily to embrace a fight

between the dark and the light.

Tis everyman, tis everything,

we see it as the Yin and Yang.

To let it be is the true key,

and fulfill…

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Germy Meat Gives Scientists Surprising New Clues About Prehistoric Cuisine


Since my absence many articles on ancient foods have piled up on my desk. I shall endeavor to get to them all starting with last August and working my way forward to the present.

Thank you. JLP


The above photo is from my library, J LP

Original Article in The Huffington Post

 By Jacqueline Howard
Posted: 07/10/2015

What was the culinary experience like for our prehistoric forebears?

No one knows for sure. But a provocative new study suggests that any meat our distant ancestors scavenged would have been teeming with harmful bacteria.

What’s more, the study suggests, early hominins would have had trouble avoiding food-borne illness unless they cooked the carrion or opted to consume bone marrow rather than flesh.

“Some would argue the archaeological record indicates that meat was scavenged before the earliest accepted dates of controlled fire-use, but our research suggests that cooking might be more ancient,” Alex Smith…

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