Top 10 Paleo Herbs & Spices – Season Like Wild

Stone-Age Academy

Remember when food just tasted good?  When your burger didn’t need brown fake-grill marks, and artificial fragrance spray to make it appealing.  When your vegetables grew in healthy soil.  Tomatoes were picked ripe and ready to be eaten; not green and ready to be shipped and later ripened with ethylene gas.  Remember when you didn’t have psychological withdraw and tingly-mouth-syndrome after an afternoon snack (sorry Sour Patch Kids)?

In this day and age, mass food production agencies often resort to drenching processed foods in chemicals and artificial flavors to give them some (but not all) of the appetizing qualities that real food naturally possesses without a side-serving of diabetes or pancreatic cancer.  Just a couple hundred “professional flavorists” are responsible for deciding what flavors to include in a majority of processed and packaged foods in the United States.  The ‘pro-flavor-ists’ at Frito Lay build flavors from chemicals in…

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