Mid-Summer Reading List

J. C. Conway

There are no days of leisure this summer for me to thumb through paper books or kindle books engaged in the act of actually reading with my eyes. So this summer has been, and will continue to be, an audio-book summer. My commute is long enough to finish, on average, about one book per week. And there are occasional drives to the desert or elsewhere, allowing me to leap ahead.

So here are some of the audio books on my list this summer. This is subject to change, recommendations, changes of heart, etc. A few of these have been knocked off already.

Player Piano and Triplanetary are re-reads for the fun of it. There are two non-fictions, one about humanity and the other about writing (never stop reading about writing). One is the “must read” of the summer. How can one not read Harper Lee’s second published novel? There is…

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The Painted Horn: visiting a rock art site in Somalia

British Museum blog

Jorge de Torres, Project Cataloguer, African Rock Art Image Project, British Museum

Painted image of long-horned cow with human figure underneath, Laas Geel, Somalia (Photograph © TARA/David Coulson – image not yet catalogued) Painted image of long-horned cow with human figure underneath, Laas Geel, Somalia. (Photograph © TARA/David Coulson – image not yet catalogued)

As I look up at the rock shelter here in Somalia, several thoughts cross my mind about the beautiful pieces of rock art above me. There’s always a strange feeling when you visit for the first time a place you have been studying for a long while: a merging of expectations, recognition and, in some cases, a feeling of its being other than how one had imagined it. The first time I saw the Pyramids in Egypt, for all their greatness and despite the myriad of photos, they appeared somehow different to how I had pictured them. However, this has never been the case for me when faced with the paintings and engravings on natural rock surfaces…

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Happy Independence Day

In celebration of the Independence Day Weekend, Liquid Silver Books is offering its entire catalog of Contemporary Romance ebooks for sale. The sale lasts over the entire Fourth of July Weekend. This includes Hearts in Ruin and many other great titles for just $2.99. The regular price is $4.99, so if you are considering the book, or just want to stock up on your summer library of romantic contemporary ebooks, this is the time to act. Liquid Silver is a great and long-standing ebook publisher, and its authors are terrific.

About Hearts in Ruin:

Andrea had one goal in life, a quiet career as a mainstream archaeologist—and she’s one ancient secret away. But when she is teamed with maverick prodigy Daniel Fuchs at his controversial pre-Clovis dig on tribal land, she soon realizes his wild theories may sidetrack her career. Her smartest move is to expose him and that is exactly what she plans to do. Except… there is a chance his theories are right.

As the dig deepens and outside forces mount, Andrea and Daniel find their careers and their shaky relationship on the brink of ruin. Who can she trust? To survive professionally and emotionally, Andrea must decide between what is expected and what she believes, because time is running out and the developers’ bulldozers are poised to level the site.