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Early Morning at the Dig

Braman's Wanderings

The day starts very early on a dig with alarms set for a little after 4:00am so that you can be on the bus by 4:40.

You definitely want to be at the dig site early so you can work during the cooler morning hours.

Tel Lachish, Archaeological Dig, Early Morning Wake Up

In the picture above you can see the dig participants waiting for the bus.

Dig Bus, Early Morning, Tel Lachish, Archaeology

The bus finally arrives and it is time to get loaded and head toward the tel.

The first few mornings there was a lot of talk on the bus, but as the week has progressed it has become quieter and quieter.

Tel Lachish, Archaeology, Archaeologic Dig

Once we get to the tel, we unload close to the ramp up to the main gate of Lachish. However, we head up around the side of the tel toward our dig site which is on the opposite corner of the tel.

It is a very long uphill walk in…

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