Archaeologists uncover remains, other Fremont Indian artifacts near Utah Lake

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PROVO, Utah — Human remains and countless ancient artifacts are just some of the items archaeologists have uncovered near Utah Lake. They are searching for traces of the past at an ancient Fremont Indian site in Provo.

Students from BYU and UVU spend hours at the site each day, working through trenches and trying to uncover the story of the people who lived there a thousand years ago.

“This is where people lived and experienced life, so it’s awesome to come experience a little bit of what their life was like,” said Codi Frost, a UVU student.

Archaeologists believe farmland in Provo was one place where ancient Fremont Indians once lived.  Artifacts found there date back to 800 AD.

“In the 1930’s there were a 120-130 standing mounds with archeology on them. Today, we think these are the last three that remains,” said Michael Searcy, BYU Archaeology…

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