Get a Signed E-Copy of Hearts in Ruin

For Kindle users, its possible to request signed copies of ebooks for free through Authorgraph, if the author has listed his or her book there. To request a signed copy of HEARTS IN RUIN, click here.

HOW IT WORKS. A writer registers his or her books available in Kindle format with Authorgraph–no charge–and readers can request through Authorgraph–also no charge–a signed copy. The writer receives the request and an email notice, and can log in to Authorgraph and provide a signature, and even a personalized message. The message is typed. But the signature is either a canned “script font” signature, or an actual signature. That “actual” signature can be difficult for authors using a mouse. But some pointing devices, like the pen that came with my touch-sensitive Surface, work great.

I’m not sure how Authorgraph can afford to perform the service it performs. I know it offers features for purchase beyond the basics I just described, and maybe that’s it. I think if I were Amazon, I’d consider paying Authorgraph for doing what it does just because it’s a nice thing for Kindle readers.  But either way, for signed copies of HEARTS IN RUIN, there’s no charge for you or me.

So don’t hesitate. Check out the all authors you like to see if they’ve registered their Kindle books with Authorgraph. And for me, I can also sign a number of short stories, too, since many are now republished on Kindle for 99¢. Here are some of the stories I have that are presently available on Kindle and at Authorgraph. Some of these are also available for Nook, iPad and other formats.





Some Q&A from Authorgraphs FAQ:

What is an Authorgraph?

It’s a personal, digital inscription for an e-book. It is sent directly from an author to a reader’s digital reading device.

What does an Authorgraph look like?

Here is an example

Is affiliated with Amazon?

No, is not affiliated with Amazon except that earns an affiliate fee for any books purchased from after clicking on one of the Amazon links on

Is the Authorgraph inserted into the e-book?

No, it is a separate document. This allows a reader to create a “collection” where she can keep all of her Authorgraphs together.

Can Authorgraphs be personalized?

Yes! Every Authorgraph goes only to the specific reader that requested it so an author can write a custom message for each reader. In addition, readers can include a short message to the author in order to provide a bit more context for personalizing the Authorgraph.