Pre-Clovis Projectile Points Found at Paisley Cave 

Dennis Jenkins and an international team of researchers have continued their work at Paisley Cave in Oregon. A few years ago, he discovered human coprolites that were dated at 14,300 years ago. This was proof of Pre-Clovis people in the region. Later he found tools dated to Pre-Clovis times. The international team at

English: A collection of North American stone ...
English: A collection of North American stone projectiles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the site has found broken obsidian spear points. They are very different from Clovis points. They are known as western stemmed projectile points. These particular points are dated at 13,200 years ago, the same age as the Clovis points. This proves that there were two different traditions of projectile point design developed independently and simultaneously in the Americas. The findings by an international team of scientists from the U.S., Britain and Denmark are in the Journal “Science.”

As more reports come in from Paisley Cave, the evidence of Pre-Clovis at the cave is now irrefutable. This site is now the pre-eminent proof of Pre-Clovis in the Americas.

Eurekalert, and Science Daily explain why this is. Not only have they found points that differ from Clovis at the site, but all the earlier Pre-Clovis dates found in human coprolites and other artifacts at the site have been confirmed.

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