Andrea Hollister is an archaeology graduate student on the brink of earning her Ph.D. Her goal in life is to land a stable job as an archaeology professor, pursuing her passion for archaeological digs during summer stints and occasional, institution-funded ventures. Her father passed away when Andrea was in high school, so she worked her way through college, slogging through at a pace that she could afford, while lending a hand to her mother from time to time.

Andrea is rightfully proud of her accomplishments and she has made a name for herself at Horvath Levy College. She has also earned her position as the top doctoral candidate in the department. So when Daniel arrives  and takes over the dig that she has counted on running for at least the past three years, she is justifiably taken back. What’s worse, Andrea has kept her love life on hold for almost the entire length of her doctoral pursuit. So when Daniel’s acutely sensitive gaze penetrates her defenses, Andrea realizes she’s got a double dose of trouble to address.

Daniel and Andrea Evening 2


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