Daniel Fuchs is a complex character. He is a former prodigy, entering college at age 15 and attaining a Ph.D. while others his age are worried about which frat to pledge. A star before his time, he blazed through academia without a concern, and along the way met Madeline Grey–a coed years older than Daniel with a passion for unconventional theories and digs.

Daniel followed Madeline, finding her fascinating and attractive. As an idealist, Daniel adopted many of her views, based primarily on the work of her father, a famous, or perhaps infamous, archaeologist in his own right.

In Hearts in Ruin we learn something about the depth of Madeline’s influence on Daniel. We also learn see that Andrea is a person Daniel did not anticipate meeting. But what effect will she have? Can he complete the work he is determined to pursue, and should he? And is Andrea a help or a hindrance?

Hearts in Ruin


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