Pamela & Jeffrey

Pamela Ruiz and Jeffrey Montague are students at Southwest Polytechnic Institute and friends of Daniel Fuchs. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a number of years. But like many such college relationships, there’s a question about whether it will continue into the future.

There is tension. Jeffrey is close to earning his Ph.D., and he needs Professor Lassiter to get it. But there is a conflict between Jeffrey’s view of archaeology and the professors–a conflict that Jeffrey is avoiding. In the meantime, Pamela is wondering whether her boyfriend is ready to grow up, or whether he will passively bend to secure a future that Pamela supposes would lack the passion she thought they both had in the earlier days of their relationship.

As we learn in Hearts in Ruin, both Pamela and Jeffrey are important to Daniel, and at least Pamela’s insights are valuable to Andrea as well. But will these two young lovers regain the passion they seem to have lost, or is it another college fling destined to fizzle?


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